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Log4Win version 16.0.27 Full install



New version full install

**************** What is new? **********************

 + Added exchange program fldigi (TNX UR5SAU)

 + Added interface fldigi in Digital Interface (TNX UR5SAU)

 + Added Auto send in real time QSO -> eQSL.cc server

 + Added Log4Win bridge for communication with external programs

 * Change the settings for external programs

 * Changed launch external programs (option parameters added)

 * Added new options for transceivers (OmniRig) - archive Rigs.rar

    You must extract it to a folder Disk: \ .. \ Log4Win \ Omni-Rig \ Rigs

 * Redesigned input window - buttons of some programs are at the window Log4Win bridge

 + Added exchange with WSJT-X. You must set the path to his log (wsjtx_log.adi)

 + Added diploma program ARCK Club (TNX UR5SAU)

 + Added option: what diploma new member to show (only club diplomas)

 + Added UK / EI DX contest

 + Option to send messages to the support (the author)

 * corrected program bugs

Download new version of Log4win (v. 16.0.27)


Log4Win ver. 9.8.0 Full install

Full install version of the program 9.8.0

**************** What new? **********************
1. DB of countries is updated
2. The exchange of QTC is corrected in the WAE-DC-CW test
3. Correction of repetitions during work in contests (repetition every day)
4. Work of macros and their use is improved
5. Possibility to create reports in Russian language is entered (national contests)
6. Creation of summary sheet is done for contests
7. Revisions in the CWwindow is possibility of lock РТТ for keyboard work
8. Fixed JASTA SSTV Contest
9. Program errors are corrected ...

Download new version of Log4win (v. 9.8.0)



Update version of the program 9.8.3

**************** What new? **********************
 1. Added DDE exchange with Multipsk program ( tnx F6CTE)
 2. Added "Use mouse wheel for change CAT frequency". ( tnx UR5SAU)
 3. Fixed errors generation Cabrillo for some conrests
 4. Fixed frequency in Cabrillo (tnx UT1IM)
 5. Program errors are corrected. 

Download update version of Log4win (v. 9.8.3)


Visual Basic VM and OLE Automation

For users Windows 98,Me and NT as well as for renovation OLEAUT32.DLL it is necessary to install Visual Basic 6 VM and OLE Automation

Port95NT LPT Port driver

Download Port95nt.exe, this is a port driver. To install just run the exe as the administrator of your computer. Also for fix error "DLLPORTIO.sys device driver not loaded, port i/o will have no effect."

MMSSTV Engine (ver 1.06)

Download MMSSTV Engine ver 1.06